King Charles III strengthens ties with his brother accused of abusing a minor

He king Charles III has not been rude in the position that he initially believed he had regarding his brother’s controversy, the prince andrewwho was accused of having abused a minor and having ties to the millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Last Saturday, one day before ‘Remembrance Day’, King Charles III went for a walk with Prince Andrew and the prince edward on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where the three hunted pheasants, one of their hobbies since they were young.

Prince Andrew, King Charles III and Prince Edward.

The British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ He is the one who has revealed that the monarch’s two brothers were with him, sharing a time together and showing that the king continues to receive his brother. The aforementioned half He also revealed that the photographers did not take photographs of the moment.

In 2019, Andrés was stripped of all his royal duties because of the harsh accusations against him. However, his older brother has now received it again, since in recent months it has become clear that they have a stronger bond, although this may generate various criticisms.

Andrew of York He is one of the least liked members of the british royalty thanks to the accusations against him. And the prince even agreed to pay millions of dollars to the woman who sued him, in order not to drag out the case. Despite that, he hinted that in the end, he did accept the crime he was accused of.

In the month of August, the king Charles III invited the prince andrew to spend part of the holidays in Balmoral. On that occasion, photos were taken of the controversial son of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who currently continues to live in her royal residence on the outskirts of London.

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