King Charles III would have made an important decision amid the feud between Prince William and Prince Harry

He king Charles III is aware of the great drama that is being experienced in the midst of the enmity that his two children are experiencing, so now he would have made a decision of utmost importance while the conflict between the prince harry and the prince william It seems to have no end. Apparently, the cancer of the Head of State and that of the Princess of Wales could make the brothers finally put aside their differences.

grant Haroldwho worked closely with Carlos for several years when he was Prince of Walesstates that the now king will make an important decision regarding the conflict between his children.

Apparently, the Head of state has lent itself to act as a peacemaker between the current Prince of Wales and the duke of SussexEdit.

“There is a good chance that Harry and William will see each other next month and anything is possible. The King will want the brothers to fix things, so it is more than likely that the has made the decision to act as a peacemaker“, said the former royal butler to the Sky News portal.

The monarch’s health problems and Kate Middleton They will also serve as a channel that allows Harry to put aside his differences with his older brother. However, there are no signs that his wife Meghan Markle make passes with the princes of Wales.

Despite that, it is the king who would have the intention of putting aside all the drama from the past, so that he can have a healthy coexistence with his children and in the midst of his battle against cancer.

“He king Charles III “He wants to reach a peace agreement between Harry and William while he is alive,” he said.

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