King Charles III’s special nod to his grandchildren George, Charlotte and Louis on their return to royal duties

He king Charles III, in the midst of his battle with cancer, has resumed his royal duties by visiting the Macmillan Cancer Center at University College Hospital in London, where he spoke to specialist doctors and patients. All this in the company of the queen Stretcherbut there was another aspect that surprised the reason: A very special nod to the children of the the prince william.

During King Charles’ most recent public appearance, followers and attendees have noticed that the Head of State has worn a tie which is very special in your wardrobe.

The garment is undoubtedly one of her favorites, especially the son of the deceased. queen Isabel, since it has been seen on numerous occasions; from the church in Sandringham to a walk through Manchester. It is the pale pink silk tie with a light blue T-Rex pattern printed all over.

But, who gave him that tie? They were nothing more and nothing less than the little ones princes george, charlotte and louiswho notably are complete dinosaur fans.

And now, the Head of State has decided to use it at this crucial and special moment in his life, being at the same time a notable special wink for your grandchildren.

Robert Hardman, royal author of the book, ‘Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story’, assured that the monarch He has increased his mood in recent months, prioritizing spending time with his family and valuing the things that would truly be important in his life.

With this, the king Charles III Not only has he sent a wink to his grandchildren George, Charlotte and Louis, but it is also stated that it is a clear example of how the attitude of the Head of state She has become more spirited and kind.

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