Kit Harington shares negative news about his future in ‘Games of Thrones’ and the MCU

The actor Kit Haringtonwho had very high expectations for his fans about his upcoming work in projects like ‘game of Thrones‘ and the MCU, recently in an interview He shared that several of his projects would be ruined and that their fans wouldn’t be able to see what they want.

In conversations with Screen Rant, the actor detailed that the spin-off of Jon Snow It is not in development, since a story could not be found that really excited and impacted enough. The same thing happened when he was asked about his role as the Black Knight in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film, ‘Eternals’to which he responded that there is nothing in process at this time.

While Kit Harington did not firmly say that a new project of this type would never be made, he simply said that There is nothing I am working on at the moment.although he explained that he would long to play a great character like the previous two again.

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