KPop industry experts see possibility of RIIZE’s Seunghan being removed from the group

On this November 21, lovers of the KPop genre have been surprised that the renowned Idol Seunghan of RIIZE could be taken from the same group, according to some experts in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Recently, the medium 10Asia He informed two of his followers that experts in the South Korean genre speak that the South Korean Idol could face his dismissal from the group, this due to the different controversies and problems of which he is the protagonist, and what time they could take their toll on him.

«Everything seems to indicate that the three strikes rule does not only apply in sports. “RIIZE fans and some experts would be looking at the possibility that Seunghan will be forced to leave the group,” the outlet mentioned.

Currently, not even the fans of Idol and the group can stand the artist’s attitudes, as he is involved in controversies such as: «A leaked live broadcast of one of his alleged girlfriends. A leaked video of Seunghan smoking. And another live one in which she speaks disrespectfully about the female group LE SSERAFIM«.

After each of these problems, fans have reacted to the reports made by their representative company, and implore SM Entertainment to cut ties with Seunghan once and for all, all this before other revelations even more serious than the ones he has already made become public.

«Can’t they just fire him and bring in a new member who does have values? There’s no way that kid won’t stop getting into trouble. They should cut him off once and for all. If he really had a little consideration and respect for his other teammates, he would leave the group without problems.«. These have been some of the comments from fans who also hope that the agency will make a prompt decision.

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