Large and tasty raspberries in baskets. Miracle secret: the bushes will bear fruit

Choose a sunny spot for the bush. Keep a distance of at least one and a half meters between the seedlings in one row, and about two meters between the rows themselves. Put 10 liters of rotted manure and a liter of ash into each hole. After that, plant the raspberry bushes and water them generously.

Cover the edges of the bush with straw. When the shoots reach one meter, you need to pinch off the tops. To make the berries large, leave two or three stems on each bush when pruning the branches. The bushes need to be sprayed with urea and the root system should be fed with a solution (a matchbox of urea per bucket of water). During the flowering period, raspberries need to be fed with mullein (10 liters of liquid per 20 liters of water).

Earlier, the chairman of the Moscow Region Summer Residents Union Nikita Chaplin advised to organize proper watering to save summer cottage plantings from the July heat. He explained that in summer, water quickly evaporates from the soil surface.

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