LE SSERAFIM faces criticism from Internet users after their performance at Coachella in the United States

Although the participation of LE SSERAFIM in Cohachella 2024 In the United States they seemed to like it, it seems that today this performance was well accepted by many, and for several hours Many Internet users have engaged in criticizing the girls after their performance at this international event..

On April 13, the female group had the opportunity to debut for the first time at one of the largest music festivals in the United States, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivaland although they did well, LE SSERAFIM received a lot of criticism, since the expectations of the people who wanted to see them were not exceeded.

Although yesterday everything was joy and happiness towards the girls, today people have shown the other side of the coin due to the members’ lack of vocal ability. Social networks and online forums are currently full of criticism after videos of LE SSERAFIM’s performance at this great event were published, which caused Internet users to react in a bad way, since Their live voices were not what many expected..

Congratulations for making it to Coachella in such a short time, but honestly the shortcomings in your voices were very evident“, “The girls’ dancing was sensational and acceptable, but in some parts of the songs, the group completely collapsed which was disappointing.“, “We all believe that HYBE should work on the live vocal part of LE SSERAFIM so that these bad shows do not happen again.“some commented.

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