Man lost his life after going to a Taylor Swift concert in Brazil

A man lost his life early today in Brazil; the second concert of Taylor Swift, which was canceled due to the heat wave, was the reason for his visit to Rio de Janeiro. But unfortunately, have been murdered in a neighborhood of the city, after thieves tried to take his belongings.

The brazilian media They have reported the terrible murder of a Swiftie, who was a tourist in the city Rio de Janeiro for Taylor Swift’s shows in the city of Rio. According to the city’s press, Gabriel was murdered in the early hours of this Sunday in an attempted robbery in La Arena de Praia.

The suspects of taking the life of this young man in the early hours of this Sunday, already They had a criminal record for other crimes, and two of them had been arrested red-handed last Friday and strangely released on Saturday.

This has aroused the fury of the fans by Taylor Swift, who now demand justice for such a terrible event that further clouds the singer’s visit to Brazilian territory, since on Friday a fan of the star died in his first show at the ‘Milton Santos’ stadium, after having suffered cardiac arrest due to the high temperatures that have been recorded in Rio de Janeiro.

Gabriel, from Mato Grosso do Sul, was preparing to attend the concert of the American Taylor Swift in Rio de Janeiro, where he is currently performing part of his world tour “The Eras Tour.” After his shows in the city of Rio, he will travel to Sao Paulo to give three more concerts and thus culminate the stage of his tour in Brazil.

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