Margaret Greville’s jewelry collection that shines with Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla Parker

It is no secret that the world of the monarchy is ostentatious and very striking, and it not only reflects customs, protocols, culture and so on, but also the countless relics and treasures that have been accumulated over the centuries, and the british crown knows it perfectly, not only are they the most popular monarchy of the moment, but it is also one of the longest and oldest that still maintains its legacy.

A legacy that unfortunately the great Margaret Greville could not leave to inherit her sumptuous collection of jewelry, which she gave to the deceased Queen isabel II from England, which to this day continue to be used by royalty, even Kate Middleton and the Queen Camilla Parker They consider some of these as their favorites.

His name is associated with the renowned jewelry collection of the Greville legacy dating from the mid-17th century, a very valuable collection that we have been able to see through several important events of the English royal institution, such as the emerald tiara that she wore Eugenie of York at her wedding, or also Queen Camilla Parker’s diamond necklace, which was given to her by Elizabeth II herself when she married the king Charles III in 2005.

Did you know that the iconic and famous Lover’s Knot tiarais it also part of the Greville legacy? That’s right, the deceased’s favorite tiara Princess Diana and of the current Wale’s princess Kate Middleton, also belonged to Margaret Greville.

But who was this woman? Margaret was born in the city of London on December 20, 1863, and her birth certificate indicates that her parents were Helen Anderson and William Murray Anderson. However, the reality was different, his biological father was William McEwan, the British beer magnate at the time. And Helen was his lover, then McEwan, to give legitimacy to the baby, sent Helen and one of her employees, William Murray Anderson, to London before the girl was born.

But it would not be until 1891 that his social life would take the important leap to royalty, when he married Ronald Grevilleheir to a baronet, who was close to Alberto Eduardothe then Prince of Wales and future King of England, her husband died in 1908 and she has not remarried since, and she maintained a life as a socialite and hostess, cultivating increasingly close ties to the English royal family.

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