Mayor of Rio de Janeiro will take action after the death of a young woman at the Taylor Swift concert

He mayor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazilhas announced that it will take action after a young woman died at the first concert Taylor Swift has occurred in Brazilian territory. The heat wave that is sweeping the nation influenced this terrible event, but the negligence of the event producer is what will now have to face several consequences.

Eduardo Paesmayor of Rio de Janeiro, has issued a release announcing measures for the next two concerts that Taylor Swift will give in the Brazilian city, after a young woman died yesterday due to the enormous heat present in the ‘Milton Santos’ stadium.

Eduardo Paes, mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At the same time, he considered the human loss of the swiftie fan unjustifiable, which is why it has also been confirmed that will investigate The event will be investigated thoroughly and they will take action against the production company in charge of the concert.

«The loss of the life of a young woman yesterday in the competition Taylor Swift It is unacceptable. Obviously, we are still learning more details about the circumstances of what happened. In any case, I have already ordered the Executive Chief of Operations of the municipality to demand action with the production of the show,” stated the mayor.

In turn, the executive reported that he ordered several orders to be advanced and he anticipated them to the Executive Chief of Operations Of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The following measures that were announced for today are the following:

– Anticipate the entrance 1 hour and occupy the circulation ring to keep the public away from the sun

– New water distribution points;

– Increase in the number of brigade members

– Increase in ambulances.

Ana Benevidesthe young woman who died yesterday in the middle of a concert Taylor Swift, he was only 23 years old. According to reports, she fainted minutes after starting the show, so she was taken to a hospitalwhere they tried to revive her, but she had already died due to cardiac arrest.

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