Meghan Markle “has no interest in traveling to the United Kingdom,” says royal expert

The Duchess of Sussex and American actress Meghan Markle is once again in the focus of attention of the British press, since there are rumors that he would be traveling to the United Kingdom with the prince harry next May. However, a royal expert assures that the actress has no interest in setting foot on British soil.

According to the royal expert Lee Cohen for the ‘GB News’ network, Meghan Markle The United Kingdom has no interest in itsince its popularity in the European country is extremely low.

Cohen told the host Nana Akua that Duchess of Sussex He is an “inveterate narcissist” person, who “only marches to the beat of his own drum.”

Meghan is not motivated by noble codes of the British monarchy, they do not benefit it,” he said.

In turn, he assured that Mecha would not feel moved at all by what is currently happening with the monarchy, thanks to the cancer suffered by the king Charles III and the princess of wales Kate Middleton.

“She is not at all moved by family ties, neither with her husband’s family nor with her own. If it doesn’t benefit your brand or your ambitions, you don’t have time to it“.

So far, there is no official confirmation of a possible visit by Meghan Markle to the United Kingdom. However, it is believed that the prince harry if you will travel to your country next May.

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