Message from Ana Benavides before she died at a Taylor Swift concert in Brazil ‘I will fulfill my dream’

In this life, we all have very different dreams and aspirations, but one that perhaps we often have in common is wanting to see our favorite artists live, and even more so if it is possible to get tickets to see a megastar like Taylor Swift.

When it was announced that the American singer would be touring Latin Americapeople could not contain their excitement, making endless virtual lines in the hope of being able to get a ticket and even VIP packages that had exorbitant costs.

After getting a ticket, many of the fans shared on their social networks the great emotion they felt upon knowing that they had gotten a ticket to one of the most anticipated concerts in recent years, and one person who shared this joy was Ana Benavides, the young woman who lost her life.

One of the most controversial and chaotic moments of the night of the concert was the news of the death of a 23-year-old girl, who after having spent several hours under the sun suffered cardiac arrest, as the wave of intense heat reached a peak of 62 degrees Celsius.

Ana Benavides He died during the concert, as reported by his friends on their social networks, where they said goodbye, and even the singer Taylor Swift herself has already commented on the terrible event that occurred through her networks.

Many Internet users have not wasted their time and have increasingly taken more information from the young woman who lost her life, to the point of finding her social network. xwhere the beautiful young woman had talked about the emotion she felt when attending the Taylor Swift concert.

What do you think about it? Do you think the production company will say something about it?

How do you feel about this news?

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