NCT DREAM’s Renjun will take a break from his activities to prioritize his health

Currently, something strange is happening with many Idols of the KPop genre and their surprising artistic pauses, since there have been many artists who for this fourth month of 2024 have requested breaks due to health issues, something that perhaps did not happen before. And for this occasion the protagonist is the member of NCT DREAM, Renjun, who is taking a break from his activities to prioritize his health.

On this April 13, the agency that represents the famous group, SM Entertainmentrevealed that the Idol’s health is currently worsening, so he will not be able to attend the Japanese music show ‘Venue 101‘, whom he had already confirmed to participate in the boyband’s fan signings. For this reason, the record label declared:

Currently, Renjun is resting, we have considered that the artist’s recovery is our main priority, to best carry out his artistic activities in the future.

At the same time, SM added that the Idol schedule will be announced later when the artist is ready for his activities.

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