Netflix brings to its catalog the horror film that was banned in theaters because of how violent it was

The streaming service Netflix has surprised everyone with the inclusion of a famous horror movie in its catalog, which was banned in several cinemas after its premiere in 2009, thanks to the violence and inappropriate scenes that its plot brought.

If there is a saga of horror movies extremely macabre, that is undoubtedly the one from ‘Saw’. The franchise, which recently released its tenth installment, brought ‘Saw 6’ in 2009, production which had so much inappropriate content, that it ended up being classified as genre Spain.

But now, and surprisingly, Netflix has included it in its Catalogueso users of the platform They will be able to enjoy it without any type of restriction.

The film stars Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston and George Newbern. Directed by Kevin Greuterttells again about John Kramer, popularly known as Jigsaw, and his insatiable desires to punish anyone who does not value his life or commits mistakes, through macabre and twisted games that will disturb those involved against their will, either with pain. physical or psychological.

Now in Netflix You can enjoy this macabre film that generated a great stir among the public after its premiere in 2009. Enjoy the official trailer for ‘Saw 6’ here:

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