Netflix definitively cancels another of its series, leaving it without an ending

That Netflix canceling a production is no longer a secret, and we all know that it is done because they cannot reach the standards stipulated by the production company, such as the reach of users, the number of streams and even the presence in the tops and trends, and if We think about it, it makes a little sense, why continue investing in something that will not bear enough fruit?

Well now, the most popular streaming platform currently has decided to cancel permanently another of his series, and it is about ‘Shadow and Bone‘, a production that remained in the Top 10 worldwide for just over a month, which caused the plot to see its second season, however, if you are one of the people who found pleasure in this story, you should know that will not have a third installment.

That’s right, the series ended with an unfinished and open ending in its second season, and now, users who had been enjoying these characters will not be able to see an outcome, since Netflix decided fulminate production due to the fact that it was not having relevance in recent months, and they were spending a considerable amount of resources on it.

The fantasy drama inspired by the books of Leigh Bardugo has come to an end, although for some it is regrettable, for many others it was something that was already seen coming, since the reach and streams of its second part declined to disastrous levels, suggesting that many viewers simply lost interest in it. project.

How do you feel about this news?

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