Netflix disappoints all its subscribers after canceling several series without notice

For several months now, the streaming platform Netflix has been receiving a lot of criticism due to the cancellation without prior notice of some series after 1 or 2 seasons already released. This new controversy hit the company head on, when this week it announced that several of its projects, which had many fans, would be removed from the platform, leaving a large number of subscribers who were not expecting such an act disappointed.

According to some details, Netflix made the decision to cancel several of its productions due to the impact of the SAG-AFTRA strikes, among the most affected series is Shadow and Bone, which had a great reception from the platform’s subscribers since its premiere. Fans were waiting for new episodes with the same or better potential that they already had, but this will no longer be possible.

At the same time four other series such as: Agent Elvis, Captain Fall, Glamorous and Farzarwill not continue to be linked to Netflix, disappointing its users even more, as many believe that the company is going too far with this issue of cancellations of said series.

Currently, many are alleging and complaining to the Streaming platform for having started all these projects and practically not finishing them, since they are disappointed by the fact that it was not necessary to start these projects without any purpose. «Under no circumstances get attached to Netflix programs«, «The platform has dedicated itself to ending what they can when they see the opportunity«, «It was not necessary to play with our feelings«were some of the comments from some subscribers on networks.

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