Netflix has the ideal K-Drama to marathon in 2 days

The streaming platform Netflix It has a wonderful South Korean series that you should see at any cost. With a plot and story that will make you reflect on life, it is based on a book by the author Kim Sae-byul.

‘Heaven is waiting for you’ is the K-Drama Netflix original that premiered in 2021 around the world and is ideal to see it completely in two days. It was directed by Kim Sung-ho and with a script written by the author of the fiction himself Kim Sae-Byul, in the company of Yoon Ji-Ryun.

Furthermore, this South Korean production stars read Jehoon, Tang Joon-sang and Hong Seung-hee.

His plot is moving and very real, which will make you reflect on different situations in life, including family and death.

“A meticulous young man and his ex-convict uncle carry out traumatic cleanings: they organize the lives of those who leave so that their loved ones know those untold stories,” reads in his synopsis of Netflix.

‘Heaven is waiting for you’ is without a doubt a K-Drama incredible that you should enjoy. Its ten chapters will mark your life without a doubt. Check your official trailer here:

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