One of the most famous and viral K-Dramas finally arrives in the Netflix catalog

For fans of the South Korean series, which are also known as the K-Dramasone of the most popular of this style will soon join the platform’s extensive catalog of productions Netflix.

Is about ‘Tue Beauty‘ or ‘Beauty Secrets’, starring the model and actor Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-yeop and Moon Ga-young, this series deals with the life of a young woman who is considered ‘ugly’ by society, and who ends taking refuge in the world of makeup in order to improve her appearance.

However, as she lives her life, she understands that she must have self-love for herself, and it is right there that they discover her secret that finally forces her not to live on appearances and love herself as she should have from day one.

As is known, this production can be seen on the Netflix platform from December 11 of this year, and although the exact date of the episode premieres is still unknown, it is expected to have 16 in total. While you wait, you can watch its trailer here:

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