Pax Jolie-Pitt’s terrible words towards her father, Brad Pitt, which have recently been leaked

Pax Jolie-Pittis one of the children adopted by the renowned couple of actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after they began their relationship in 2006. Although they formed a loving and dedicated family in front of the cameras, while they were in private everything seemed different, Well, two years after they got married, the actress filed for divorce from her ex-husband, accusing him of mistreating her and her children.

Although the media case happened a few years ago, a message has recently been leaked in which Pax supposedly referred to who his father was in a totally painful way, and apparently confirming what he declared. Angelina Jolie.

The British media Daily Mail On November 21, he shared what could appear to be a letter written by the 19-year-old to his father, which had been shared privately, and until now was finally leaked, but later deleted. The young man congratulated Pitt on Father’s Day in a not very common way, there he expressed all the anger he felt and the resentment that he had harbored for years.

According to Pax Jolie-PItt, Brad’He shows more and more every day that he is a person without empathy, of whom his children are afraid and even tremble with his presence.‘He also reported that the actor will never understand the damage he did to his family because he is incapable, and that his presence has only made life hell. He, in the supposed message, clarified that he is only waiting for the truth to come to light one day. Although the letter would have been filteredso far it is not certain whether it was written by the young man, or if it is simply a false message.

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