Petition created for Kathy Bates to play Elon Musk in a biopic A24

In recent days the news of a film of the life of Elon Muskthe CEO of x formerly known as Twitter, has filled thousands of fans around the world with expectations, who want to know more details about it, such as who would play the film or when it would be released.

The studio that would be in charge of everything will be A24 and according to Variety magazine, the director Darren Aronofskyfrom the production ‘The Whale’ and ‘The Black Swan’, will be in charge of bringing the story of the controversial businessman to the big screen.

Although deeper details are not yet known, through platform Kathy Bates who plays the role of the Tesla Motors businessman, due to their undeniable resemblance.

So far this request, which has been made through social networks, has not been confirmed, but it is highly anticipated to know who the chosen actor will be.

How do you feel about this news?

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