President of the Miss Universe Organization resigns from her position and sends a hint to Anne Jakrajutatip

Paula Shugartthe president of the Miss Universe Organization for more than 20 years, has surprised all fans of the pageant by resign from his position in the middle of the typical costume competition of the current 72nd edition of the contest, provoking all kinds of reactions in the public, since it has left a sharp hint to the new owner of the franchise.

The controversies in the Miss Universe 2023 they don’t stop ringing in the social networks, but what is happening now moves away from its themes of female inclusion. What has now happened directly affects her internal staff, who has now had to face the resignation of her Chairwoman in full competition.

However, what has attracted the most attention in his farewell speech is the blunt indirect that he has left to the owner of Miss Universe, Anne Jakrajutatip. Apparently, Shugart does not agree with the interests that the thai businesswoman has in terms of the economic sphere, since apparently, his only desire is to make money with the brand.

“He transformational leadership It’s not about one person being able to do it, it should be about putting the needs of the team before everything else when creating a vision for the future. “You must commit to building trust through inspiration and teamwork,” he concluded.

Miscellaneous fans They believe that tomorrow there will be big surprises at the final gala of Miss Universe 2023, since it has been rumored that the crown may possibly “be bought” for a candidate.

Anne Jakrajutatip has generated great controversy since she bought the Miss Universe brand.

Paula Shugart He leaves his position after 22 years at the helm of the competition, a time in which he won the affection of thousands of fans of the competition. miss Universe around the world, as she is widely considered one of the most influential people in beauty pageants.

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