Prince Harry finally reveals who called him ‘spare’ for the first time

The husband of actress Meghan Markle, the prince harryhe would have already revealed who was the first person who decided to call him ‘replacement‘ to make him feel like someone who simply came into the world to be there in case something happened to his brother, Prince William, and he couldn’t be the next heir to the throne. British Crown.

The Duke of Sussex revealed that unfortunately it was his own father, the king Charles III, who dubbed him as the substitute to the throne in case something happened to his brother, undoubtedly devastating news, since no one expects to be called this way, much less his own father.

This news was made known by the duke through his book of memories ‘Spare‘ where he commented that, according to him, his father said:

Wonderful, now you have given me an heir and additionally a spare. My work is done.

As expected, this family nickname, although it was a joke, has meant a struggle that Prince Harry has had for a long time, as in one way or another it affected his mental health. For this reason, perhaps, the duke decided to retire from the British monarchy with his wife, and make public all this knowledge through a book that has been controversial for a long time, and that he has given to King Charles III and the prince william a constant headache.

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