Prince Harry worries about his thinness in his most recent public appearance in the United States

He prince harry from the United Kingdom showed off a slimmer physique at the BetterUp Uplift Summit in San Francisco, state Joined. From there, the duke was reunited with one of his wife’s best friends. Meghan Marklehappily posing for a photograph after giving an important speech.

He duke of sussex He showed a fairly slim physique with a white open-neck suit and a gray jacket in a complement with the actress Mindy Kalingwho is a friend of Meghan.

The Harry’s new look has caused certain worry among his followers, who allege that the duke’s exercise routine has made him quite thin.

Harry spoke at a panel session Beyond Burnout in his role as BetterUp’s Chief Impact Officer during the company’s two-day Uplift event.

In recent weeks the youngest son of the king Charles III attending a gym in Santa Barbara, California. He prince harry He had stated in previous interviews that he was giving a lot of importance to his physical health, so he is most likely comfortable with his new slim appearance.

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