Prince Harry’s mockery of Meghan Markle goes viral on the Internet

The marriage between prince harry and Meghan Markle has once again gone viral in the Internetafter some videos were published in which the youngest son of the king Charles III He mocks the American actress for being late to one of her first dates, which has caused all kinds of reactions among her followers.

Through the social network TikTok, a video has gone viral in which the duke of sussex He made fun of his wife after saying that the ‘Suits’ actress was late for one of their first dates. That is, when they were getting to know each other before becoming lovers.

The dukes of sussex spoke in their controversial documentary series ‘Harry & Meghan’ about their first dates, which took place in London in the summer of 2016. The duchess was then visiting the United Kingdom to attend the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, while he was on a break from filming the series ‘Suits’.

In the conversation, Harry recalled how Meghan was late for one of those appointments, doing it in a burlesque way that caused the actress to laugh..

The video, which also compiles other Sussex moments, was uploaded to TikTok by the user @queendianaspncer on April 27th. And unexpectedly, the couple’s moments of exchanging jokes went viral, garnering more than half a million views on the site.


“that was when it just hit me. “Okay, this girl, this woman is amazing, is everything that I’ve been looking for.” harry knew meghan was the one after the second date like omfg 😭 #princeharry #princeharryedit #meghanmarkle #meghanmarkleedit

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The marriage between prince harry and Meghan Markle It is very consolidated today. It seems that his drama and enmity with the British royal family It has only strengthened their relationship further, so it is very likely that their bond will last for a long time.

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