Prince William named sexiest bald man in the world

A new honor comes for the famous prince william of the United Kingdomsince once again it has been considered as the sexiest bald man in the whole world. This distinction has been conceived on several occasions, despite the fact that the lack of hair on his head is due to the alopecia inherited from his father, the king Charles III.

According to what was reported by the portal ‘Reboot’, Prince William has once again been named the sexiest bald man on planet Earth, thanks to huge searches for his name on Google with words such as; “Prince William naked” or “prince of Wales without clothes.”

Prince William had already been considered “the sexiest bald man on the planet” on other occasions.

The future British monarch topped the list with a total score of 9.88, closely followed by the famous American actors Vin Diesel and Jason Stathamwho excelled in search result scores and the “brightness factor” on their heads.

However, that was not enough to defeat her husband. Kate Middletonwhose image has already gained notable attention throughout the present 21st century

And you, do you also consider prince william as the sexiest bald man in the world?

How do you feel about this news?

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