Princess Kate and Prince William celebrate 13 years of marriage at the worst moment of their lives

The marriage between princess kate and the prince william It started on a day like today, but 13 years ago. The followers of the crown would never have imagined a present like the one the people are currently facing. princes of Welsh, as Kate’s cancer diagnosis has completely transformed their lives. Thus, her wedding anniversary comes at what is perhaps the most difficult moment of their lives and of their bond.

William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this news privately for the sake of our young family. It has taken us time to explain everything in a way that is appropriate for our children“said one Kate Middleton through the moving video that he published on March 22, and where he shared with the public the diagnosis of his cancer.

As you could see, the princess did not hesitate to highlight her husband in the midst of the difficult time they are experiencing. That was clear proof that not only she is fighting against diseasebut he is also fighting alongside his wife, because at the end of the day, they are a team.

And today, April 29, celebrate the 13th anniversary of their brand new wedding, in front of a setting that lends itself to everything except celebration, at least not publicly. There is no doubt, it is the most difficult and remaining moment of their livessince the life of the future monarch is in direct danger.

The couple remembered their wedding anniversary this Monday, with an unpublished photo of their wedding day that they shared on their official Instagram account. instagram.

13 years ago today!”, read the description of the photo that has received hundreds of thousands of likes in a few hours.

At this time, it is not known exactly about the current state of health of the princess Kate, since it was previously reported that they were not going to give details unless necessary. That same position has the the prince williamwho would even be looking for ways to further enclose his private life, according to some media outlets. Kingdom United.

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