Queen Letizia of Spain makes calls asking about the king’s alleged lovers

The Queen Letizia uses the same strategy that various people in power have used, by consulting journalists she knows about the veracity of the rumors of new lovers of the king emeritus of Spain, her father-in-law. Juan Carlos Yowho has negatively tarnished the image of the Spanish royal family.

Letizia’s journalistic past, before marrying him king Philip VI, continues to keep his circle of professional friends intact. Thanks to this, the monarch He has managed to find out more truthfully about the large number of rumors that fall on the damaged image of his father-in-law.

Queen Letizia does not tolerate the presence of her father-in-law in Zarzuela.

As María Eugenia Yagüe explained, Letizia is aware of all the news that is published about her and her family, whether good or bad. On several occasions she has even contacted journalist friends to find out for sure about the reality of some rumors that press He publishes both about Spanish royalty and other topics of interest.

One of them was the recent case of the alleged relationship that would exist between the Prince Frederick of Denmark and Genoveva Casanova:

«Such a mess in Denmark that Letizia would have contacted a friend who is also a journalist in Madrid, to ask him what things he might know about the subject, because the tension there was tremendous. This overshadowed the visit of the Kings to Denmark, which was very important,” he quoted ‘The National of Catalonia’.

Queen Letizia King Felipe VI of Spain.

Queen Letizia is known for being someone who likes to be in control of things, her arrival at the crown was accompanied by an important change for the Spanish royal familywhich was severely damaged by the corruption scandals of King Juan Carlos I.

For this reason, Letizia continues to consult her journalist friends to be aware of each rumor of possible new lovers of his father-in-law, who has a very long and unpleasant history of women he has slept with.

You Queen Letizia will have zero tolerance for new controversies from the king Juan Carlos I linked to his long collection of loversthat could stain the current reign of her husband or the future reign of her daughter, the Princess Eleanor. For these reasons, she controls, through journalists, everything that can happen, whatever the problem.

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