Queen Letizia’s discussions with King Felipe VI over another woman generate concern in the Spanish Royal House

The Queen Letizia and the king Philip VI of Spain were recently at a dinner with the kings of Denmark, an event that has generated great controversy thanks to the challenging looks that the monarch gave her husband, who was enjoying the evening with another woman, Mary Donaldson. This situation has deeply bothered the head of state, who could not help but show her discontent.

The marriage between Philip SAW and Letizia will turn 20 next year in 2024. Their union has not been perfect, but they have managed to move forward despite all the adversities. Numerous divorce rumors have come to light, but none were directly linked to the existence of a third person.

Recently, the kings of Spain They were at a dinner in honor of the Queen of Denmark at the Glyptoteca. There, Felipe shared a pleasant moment with Mary Donaldson, while they gave each other many smiles and chatted pleasantly. But on the other side of the table, there was Letizia, who looked totally destabilized, not knowing where to go. She really wanted to abandon dinner and leave.

Letizia He did not look away at any time, you could even see his disapproving face, warning him about the approach. The monarch lived that uncomfortable moment despite the fact that among them was the Queen Margaret of Denmarkand the cameras that captured everything that happened.

Letizia seemed quite uncomfortable because of her husband’s attitudes.

Despite her intentions not to appear so upset, Letizia could not change her face. Everyone smiled at her and laughed at her, thanking her, while the queen She was serious and very upset by her husband’s behavior.

In the Spanish Royal House There is some concern about these images, as reported by ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’. There is fear that the situation will continue to create a big gap among public opinion, since among the Queen Letizia and the king Philip VI They would not be going through a good time, which would be generating numerous arguments between them.

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