Queen Sofia was admitted to the hospital for a urinary tract infection

The Queen Sofia She is one of the Spanish royals most loved by royal fans, and now, her name has once again been mentioned in the headlines of the Iberian nation, because on April 9, She had to be admitted to a hospital due to an infection in her urinary tract.or at least this was what was reported from the Zarzuela Palace.

This afternoon, the king Philip VIwas seen entering the medical facilities where his mother is recovering. Of course, the media surrounding the infrastructure were expecting some statements about Queen Sofia’s current state of health, and according to the report from the ABCthe Spanish monarch has met his expectations.

Since the media reports that the king himself stated that his mother’s health you are not taking any serious risksShe is very well, lively and eager to return as soon as possible.“, there would be declared Philip VI.

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