Red Velvet’s Irene Was Reportedly Injured in Chaotic Encounter with Fans

Recently, the leader of the famous group Red Velvet, Irene, supposedly ended up with a minor injury during a chaotic harassment by several fans and journalists. The renowned KPop star and her group were heading towards the Supersound Festival in Thailand, after his spectacular performance in Music Corewhen they were ambushed by a crowd of followers.

Although the fans of this girl band have always known how to behave, on this occasion they were a little unrecognizable, as they waited for them at the airport before taking their plane to their destination and witnessed behavior that perhaps no artist or group would want to witness. There were so many fans in the place that the situation got out of control, as many videos shared on social networks show the seriousness of the harassment suffered by the girls of Red Velvet.

The harassment was so much that she herself Wendy She asked the fans to please give space, as they were very uncomfortable and harassed, but despite saying her pleas in Korean and English, the fans ignored the girls’ request.

One video in particular was the one that distressed everyone, as Irene is seen being roughly pushed by her back in the middle of the crowd, causing outrage among social media followers. Of course, the girl band leader maintained her composure and kind nature as she continued walking among all the fans.

However, some images shared by several users showed strange behavior in Irene, since although she wanted to maintain professionalism, she could not continue with it, because she seemed distressed, walking slowly and with the help of her partner. Seulgi, to give you support. There were even some Internet users who suggested that perhaps the artist had had a small injury to her foot after being pushed and harassed by the crowd that accompanied her.

Fans thank those journalists who helped Red Velvet cover them so they feel safe, but at the same time they criticize SM Entertainment for not providing the security due to the female group, in order to avoid this type of situation, since you never know what type of fans you may encounter.

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