Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro star in a musical ‘duel’ at the Latin Grammy 2023

The singing couple Rosalia and Rauw Alejandrowhich until July was considered one of the most stable of this year if it had not been for its breakup, was one of the protagonists at the Latin Grammy 2023, due to a musical performance that they did separately and that many have described as a musical ‘duel’ with some ‘hints’.

The Latin Grammy 2023 They brought with them many surprises, among them the first public act of the singers after their breakup that to this day their fans do not believe, and although seeing them again at an event was a surprise, the act that did not go unnoticed was when The two performed two songs that were classified as a hint at what was their romance.

First of all, the Spanish artist Rosalía got on stage to sing ‘Se nos roto el amor’, a song by Manuel Alejandro, and to which she made some modifications. The original theme refers to the fact that love ends from being used so much, however, the change that she gave him said that love was broken.for not using it‘, thus giving some clues about the end of the relationship.

After this, with the same intensity of applause, Rauw Alejandro was received, who sang ‘Se Fue’, a nostalgic song from the renowned Laura Pausini. Clearly, the Puerto Rican also gave some changes to the topic, adding that ‘nothing remains, without her‘. Undoubtedly, the appearance of the two and their performances revive all the rumors of what their separation was more than 4 months ago.

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