Royal expert criticizes that Meghan Markle is ‘reduced’ to selling jams after leaving royal life

A renowned royal expert with extensive experience in the British monarchy has expressed concern about Meghan Markle has even criticized her new lifestyleafter he stated that after leaving the British Crown he is now simply ‘reduced‘ to sell jams and other kitchen implements, with his new company American Riveira Orchard.

In statements to the media The Mirror, Tom Quinn He reflected on the business speech of the actress’s new company stating:

We are still not sure what the new brand will sell, it has been said that it will sell jams, jams and even some dog shampoo, but it is surprising that a royal prince and his wife have been forced and reduced to selling these things, after taking the fatal decision to abandon the royal monarchy.

Tom Quinn has asserted that Meghan Markle is being ‘reduced’ to selling these products and launching her new company, as she and Prince Harry are starting to feel uncomfortable in Montecito without having much to do to survive, contrary to reports. benefits which they always had when they belonged as royal members to the British Crown.

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