Ryan Gosling sweeps Zendaya off the track at the European box office

The movie starring Zendayawhich caused strong expectations around the world, has not had the results that were expected, and despite the extensive promotion it had, ‘Rivals’ has not had the best opening at the cinema box office, at least in Europe.

Not only has she been swept off the track with the stunt film Ryan Gosling and Emily BluntThe specialist‘ but also for other productions such as ‘dragonkeeper‘, and ‘Civil War‘, which even had fewer advertising campaigns, in Spain alone, Ryan Gosling led the box office with 904,900 euros in his debut, coming in first place, an abysmal difference to the 283,987 euros that the feature film starring Zendaya had on average, Mike Faist and Josh O’Connorwhich currently remains in fifth position.

Film lovers and critics have been stunned by the results obtained in the last week of last April, and the fact is that the expectations with ‘Rivales’ they were through the roof, something that in turn has disappointed millions of followers of the young actress, however, all is not lost yet, since there are still several dates to reposition themselves on the billboard.

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