Sakura from LE SSERAFIM joins the group of Idols who enjoy the controversial anime ‘Made in Abyss’

Recently, different Idols of the KPop genre have been in the middle of criticism for making public that they like a particular anime, and now sakura of LE SSERAFIM has joined this revolt, in which the main victims are Soobin from TXT and Taeyong from NCT, but meticulous Internet users have found that the young singer is also part of those who like anime ‘Made in Abyss‘.

This animated series has become a gigantic controversy in recent weeks due to its creator, Akihito Tsukushiwho is considered a pedophile and who is supposedly attracted to little girls, in addition to the fact that his animated story involves content of graphic violence against minors, nudity and intimate abuse.

For these controversial reasons, the Idols who have said that they like the series have been victims of criticism from their fans, because they think that their favorite singers support everything mentioned above. In the midst of this controversy, a few hours ago it was revealed that Sakura from LE SSERAFIM also enjoyed this anime and said that she would like to see it, all of this more than two years agobut some Internet users brought this to light to take advantage of all the commotion.

Sakura only mentioned the series briefly, but this was enough to get a ton of comments on a forum that only talks about what happens with ‘Made in Abyss‘, and although it was emphasized that he liked the story, it was very sad, that does not take away from the fact that Internet users criticized it or talked about it.

Some people and even idols, perhaps only watch this type of anime without knowing what is behind them and are just looking for something fun to entertain themselves, which is why some manga and anime lovers have come out in defense of those singers who have seen the aforementioned story, because they only want even artists to enjoy this type of art.

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