Shakira, in danger of going to jail after her return to Spain

The famous Colombian singer Shakirais found in Spain for two important reasons; the Latin Grammys 2023 that were held yesterday, and the trial that will take place for tax evasion to the Spanish treasury on November 20. And it is as a result of that that the artist Now she is in danger of going to jail, since the prosecution wants that for her.

After months of speculation, it is finally confirmed that Shakira will have a trial like any other person from Spain. The famous singer is accused of having evaded more than 14 million dollars in taxes to the Spanish treasury, for which the justice of that country asks for jail and a million-dollar fine for her.

8 years and 2 months, is what they propose for the ‘Monotonía’ interpreter, who affirms that she did not evade taxes to the Iberian country while she resided in it. However, the evidence she has shown prosecutor’s office They are very forceful, so they have a difficult path to follow.

On November 20, together with his team of lawyers, you should check with proof that each of the tax returns were true. Shakira lived 10 years in Spain, and justice from that country claims that from 2012 to 2014, she did not declare to the treasury.

This inconvenience is a serious crime in the European country, so its judgment It is undoubtedly a tense moment for his career. Shakira She could go to jail if her legal team fails to prove her innocence and, above all, reach an agreement with the prosecution, something she has already refused to do in recent months.

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