Song Kang’s new K-Drama that is already causing a sensation and is soon to premiere on Netflix

Song Kang has been one of the most mentioned actors in recent weeks, and it is not surprising, since he is the protagonist of two great productions that are about to premiere in Netflix. The actor has not only demonstrated his great talent by playing characters in horror and action productions such as in the successful installment of ‘Sweet Home‘ but also his tender side in the new K-drama that is already causing a sensation.

Is about ‘My Adorable Demon‘a Korean series that falls into the romantic comedy category, where Song Kang will take the lead role, becoming a demon who lost all his supernatural powers, who will end up getting involved with Do Do-hee, an heiress to a renowned conglomerate, when he is hired by her as his bodyguard, and little by little the merely professional relationship will turn into a romantic adventure full of spells and fun misunderstandings.

The series will premiere on Netflix on November 24, and below you will be able to see a small Advance which explains a little better what the plot is about:

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