STRAY KIDS Fans Demand JYP Entertainment Have More Respect For Hyunjin

For a few hours now, fans of the famous group STRAY KIDS have asked JYP Entertainment to have a little more respect for Hyunjin, as they feel that in this return of the group, the representative company has had a bad treatment towards the singer.

Recently, the South Korean group made their return to the artistic world with the new album ‘ROCK-STAR’. The boyband’s official account was in charge of sharing this information on the social network intentional.

This recent action triggered fury and memories of previous cases in which JYP disrespected the famous Idol. Given this, the STAYs feel that they have always done the same thing with the artist and that no matter how many years pass, they have not been able to protect the artist, alleging that he has never received the treatment of his colleagues.

Because of what has happened for so many years, the group’s fans demand that the famous agency treat everyone equally and include Hyunjin in their plans and future promotions. This campaign started with the hashtag #JYPRespectHyunjin, becoming a trend on X with approximately 23 thousand publications.

Although the STAY regularly campaign on this issue, they have not seen any type of results; However, they will continue to fight for this cause, because they think that the Idol does not deserve this type of treatment.

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