Stray Kids share the practice video for the new race version of ‘LALALALA’ and it’s incredible!

LALALALA‘ is without a doubt one of the most moving and energetic songs he has released Stray Kids on his new album ‘Rockstar‘, with a classic melody of good K-Pop and a beat that for many contains a ‘Drift’ style or as it is better known today, ‘Phonk’, whatever, gives it an aggressive touch that goes very well with the dance steps they perform in their choreography.

And now, the guys in the band have decided to reveal the version ‘race‘ of this epic and sensational choreography, where all the members of Stray Kids wear racing driver costumes while practicing the dance steps of ‘LALALALA’. Definitely one of the best tracks from their eighth mini-album, it is not for nothing that it is the song that starts their album.

Just as its lyrics and melody say, joy, pleasure and above all happiness should be what primordial in life, tell us what you think of this version, did you like it more than the original? Tell us in the comments.

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