Taylor Swift fans demand justice from concert producer after fan’s death in Brazil

On November 17, Ana Benavidesa fan of Taylor Swift 23 years old, lost his life during the singer’s concert in Brazil, where she performed in front of thousands of people.

With 3 initial dates, the American would be in Brazill, where they received her with a lot of love and with open arms, but what seemed to be a magical night quickly turned into a tragedy after the terrible death of a young woman due to the terrible heat that the beautiful country is going through.

Social networks have shown the great disagreement that exists after the terrible news of the death of the Taylor Swift fan, as they indicate that water should be free at such a hot event, water should not be prohibited for anyone at an event with great magnitude like this, much less when this type of incident can happen.

Fans have especially used the social network x (formerly Twitter) to demand justice after the death of the young woman:

Water should not be prohibited, a concert should not end in tragedy, a stadium with 70 thousand people in the middle of a heat wave should have water, medical care and security at all times. T4F WE DEMAND RESPECT.

Please everyone help Brazilian Taylor Swift fans by posting: T4F WE DEMAND RESPECT. Fans are not allowed to bring water and the heat today was over 100 degrees throughout the show. Change your rules for the safety of the fans, immediately.

Action needs to be taken, the culprits must be held accountable and severely PUNISHED for this tragedy. Now he asked me: How much will Ana Benavides’ life cost? Compensation? A fine here, a fine there?

Temperatures in Brazil reached up to 60 degrees, causing the young woman to suffer a terrible cardiac arrest that ended her life instantly.

What do you think about this one? Do you think the fans are right and drinks like water should be free in such a viral event for which they paid a lot of money?

How do you feel about this news?


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