Taylor Swift had expressed concern before fan died at her Brazil concert

A terrible event has completely marred the first concert of Taylor Swift In janeiro river, Brazilafter a fan died at home from the high temperatures that were recorded today in the Brazilian city.

The Taylor Swift fans They are shocked, after it was reported that a fan has died at the first show that the American star has given at the ‘Milton Santos’ stadium in Rio de Janeiro. And the reason has been the heat, a situation that would have even alerted the interpreter from ‘Shake it Off’.

Through the social networkshave circulated videos where Taylor’s team is seen handing out water to some of the attendees, who were really suffocated by the great heat registered at the stadium.

Even in another video, you can see the famous singer requesting a bottle of water to give to a fan who was in the middle of the concert crowd, whose total attendance is estimated to have been more than 60 thousand people.

These videos demonstrate that Taylor Swift had shown concern before the tragedy occurred that unfortunately claimed the life of a fan, who died minutes after being admitted to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

And you, what do you think about this tragic tragedy that marked the first concert of Taylor Swift in Brazil?

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