The Adorable Word BTS’s Jungkook Acquired From Jam Republic’s Dancers

The charming Jungkook of bts continues to gain great worldwide fame after the premiere of his first album ‘Golden‘, and his solo songs ‘Seven’ and ‘3D’, which he performed in the company of great artists. But to do a great job not only musically, but also in the video clips, the Idol needed some people who could perform various choreographies with it, and those chosen were some dancers from the group. Jam Republic.

Although in some videos he has been seen mostly with a group of 6 men, for the promotions of the song ‘3D‘, the Golden Maknae was having fun while dancing with 5 dancers, from whom he acquired a word that he continues to mention to this day.

Members Ling, Latrice, Emma, ​​Audrey and Kirsten were chosen to appear in the ‘3D’ dance videos where they shared much more closely with the BTS member, and it was in a recent interview with Korea Now, that three of them sat down to talk with the presenter of the program. The conversation was so fluid that they talked about what it was like to dance with Jungkook, and at that moment Latrice commented that he had acquired a word from them that she still mentions to this day.

The fact is that the dancers, instead of saying ‘Lest Go’, say ‘Leshgo’ to indicate ‘Let’s go’, this word being the one Jungkook adopted and the one he now replicates in his live broadcasts. The ARMYs Now they understand why their idol says that, and they thank him that despite his worldwide fame he is still such a humble person and close to others.

You can see the funny moment here:

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