The ARMYs have been happy about the new image of J-Hope working as an assistant in the army

The fans of the group btsknown as the ARMY, have been happy after seeing a photograph of J-Hopewhile performing his duties as an assistant instructor in the army.

After the member began his duties in the military in April of this year, his fans have known very little information about his current status, but it was only until recently that they had a new report, where an image of the Idol was shown while He was explaining to other colleagues how to perform some of his functions.

And although J-Hope’s face cannot be seen in the image, just seeing the name on his shirt is enough to confirm that it is him. However, the curious fact is that his hands are the ones that receive all the attention and have managed to make the ARMY go crazy on social networks.

Although it is not a complete image, his fans and colleagues are happy that the Idol is feeling well and is enjoying his process, which has been going on for approximately 7 months so far.

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