The Australian man who claims to be the secret son of King Charles and Queen Camilla Parker could start a new court battle

Previously, international media had caused royal fans to begin speculating about the statements of an Australian man who claimed to be the unrecognized son of the king Charles III and the Queen Camilla Parkersomething that many find difficult to simply believe, since if it becomes true it would involve several problems and controversies for the british crown.

And now, the subject called simon58 years old, said in an interview with the media 7NEWSthat plans to carry out a new court battle against the monarchs, ensuring that it will be his last attempt to prove his royal paternity, and says that he will do so as soon as the leaders of the English crown travel to Australia in the month of October as part of his royal itinerary.

Experts believe that carrying out a trial is not cheap at all and when it comes to the kings of the United Kingdom themselves, this could mean a complete loss for Simon Dorante-Day if he will not be able to conclude anything that he so confidently states.

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