The BTS boys sold all their shares in HYBE Labels

On this November 17, the ARMY has been greatly surprised to learn that the members of the famous group bts have decided to sell all their shares HYBE Labelsa company which has represented them since their debut in the K-Pop industry.

According to the information of South Korea stock exchangeOn November 14, the Boyband boys had put their shares up for sale since last September, but until today they managed to sell each and every one of them.

Thanks to this, each of the BTS boys managed to get large amounts of money: Jin earned approximately 12.7 billion won, J-Hope earned 15.3 billion KRW, RM acquired approximately 14.1 billion won, Suga 16.6 billion of KRW, Jimin earned 16.6 billion won, V of BTS earned 16.6 billion KRW, and Jungkook earned approximately 16.6 billion South Korean won, all of which are equivalent to more than 50 thousand shares that each member of the group has.

Likewise, the creator and founder of HYBE also took advantage of this moment to sell 6.65%, which would be approximately 2,893,560 sharesthus managing to obtain a large amount of money.

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