The disorder suffered by the current Miss Universe 2023, Sheynnis Palacios

Since last November 18, Sheynnis Palacios She became the new face of Miss Universe, the young model is the living example that with effort and self-love dreams come true.

The 23-year-old Nicaraguan has managed to place Latin beauty at the top of this beauty pageant, convincing the public and the grand jury, but although many will think that a pretty young woman would have no problems, the new miss Universe He has a daily struggle with a disorder.

In some interviews and through her social networks, Sheynnis Palacios has publicly acknowledged that she suffers from anxiety disorders and attacksa condition with which she has had to fight, and that has pushed her to grow as a human being, to improve herself, and also to help those who present the same obstacle as her.

In fact, as a result of her situation, Sheynnis Palacios created ‘understand your mind‘, which can be considered his largest social project, which he offers in multiformat, on podcast and on television, in order to provide the necessary tools to people about the importance of mental health.

Despite having this disorder, the best advice that the new beauty queen gives is that it should be the person who controls the problem, and not the opposite. Likewise, what she seeks with all her work is to create a world without limits and fair, that is full of possibilities for anyone, so he believes that this goal can be achieved with effort, willpower and discipline.

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