The First Lady of the United States Introduced BLACKPINK’s Rosé at the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum

This November 17, the first lady of the USAthe Dr. Jill Bidenpersonally introduced Rose of BLACKPINK at the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum, to which she was invited during leaders’ week in the city of San Francisco.

The woman mentioned and recognized the Idol as the lead singer of the most popular girl band in the world. K-Pop«It is an honor to present such a young and incredibly talented and brave girl, she is a global superstar who does not hesitate to use her influence to do good in the world. Rosé is a very popular solo artist and is the lead singer of the group BLACKPINK“were the words of Mrs. Biden.

This, of course, caused excitement in the BLINKS (as BLACKPINK fans call themselves), and it is not surprising, since everyone was waiting for the Idol to appear to proceed to give her speech about mental health. This proves once again that the influence of the girls in the group surpasses the limits of the industry.

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