The new Netflix series starring Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee that you can’t miss

Netflix continues to expand its catalog of K-Dramas, and this time it arrives with a new suspense and horror production, which will not only leave you hooked on its plot from beginning to end, but will also make your senses sharpen with fear, and best of all is that it will star Park Seo-joon and Han So-heetwo great actors in the Korean film industry, recognized for their great talent, charisma and experience.

Is about ‘Gyeongseong Creature‘ or ‘The Monster of Old Seoul’, a quite intriguing plot that delves into the dark late period of the Second World War. In the city of Gyeongseong in the year 1945, a group of young people will have to face a difficult situation where survival is everything, but their luck could not have gotten worse, and they will end up encountering an abominable monster, originated from greed. and human evil, and that is when they ask, what really is humanity?

On the other hand, users of the big red N have shown their impression of the series, and through social networks they affirm that it is really exciting watching Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee perform together.

The story will be divided into two parts, the first of which will premiere this December 22 with its first chapter, and its second part, on January 5, 2024. And if you are still not totally convinced, schedule yourself to see this new South Korean drama, below you can watch a short advance what this exciting and terrifying production is coming from.

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