The preliminary of Miss Universe 2023 left a clear favorite to take the crown

The preliminary of Miss Universe 2023 was held yesterday, and with it, the bets have skyrocketed and predictions about which candidates they did it better. Although several stood out notably, there was one that stood out overwhelmingly and without any questioning from the experts, now considering it as one of the clear favorites for the crown.

The concentration of the candidates for the Miss Universe 2023 It’s almost coming to an end. It will be next November 18 when the successor of R’Bonney GabrielMiss Universe 2022 of the USA.

Therefore, the organization has held a preliminary ceremony to finish choosing the contestants who will be part of the top 20 of the contest. And upon observation of jury and numerous experts, it can be concluded that there were several representatives who stood out notably.

However, everyone agrees that one specific one was the one that performed best in each of the three outings yesterday. This is the representative of Venezuela, Diana Silvawho completely swept each of her appearances in both the opening costume, swimsuit and gala.

Diana Silva, representative of Venezuela in Miss Universe 2023, had the best preliminary according to experts.

The beauty queen 26-year-old caused a stir among the fans who attended the preliminary, standing out noticeably the perfect catwalk and projection that was shown throughout the night. Her excellent participation will help her classification to the final night, which also depends on her private interview with the jury.

The 26-year-old beauty queen stood out for her impressive projection on stage.

Miss Venezuela, who also works as a cabin crew member, social activist and professional model, has had arduous preparation before her arrival at Miss Universe. She was elected a year ago in the South American country, she has faced all kinds of critics to make a really brilliant participation.

Expert sites such as ‘Sash Factor”Missology’ among others, agree that the Venezuelan beauty queen stood out notably in the beauty pageant preliminary ceremony number one in the world, whose 72nd edition has been marked by the great diversity that can be noticed among the participating candidates.

Diana Silva’s gala dress parade was the most applauded of the night.

And you, how do you see Miss Venezuela ahead of the final gala of the Miss Universe 2023?

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