The presence of BTS’s Jin forces the South Korean military to take advantage of the communication service with fans

Since the renowned singer Jin of BTS began his mandatory military service, has been shaking things up in the military, as the South Korean superstar has already had the higher-ups at his military academy review its communication system for soldiers who are currently enlisted.

Nowadays, the South Korean military has a communication channel called “The Camp”, which is an application launched in 2018 by the company EnableSoft, which works as a platform to know all the processes of military service, but its most notable feature is that it allows enlisted people to receive letters from their families and friends while they are in your service.

But as many know, Jin bts He is not just any person, and due to his fame, he is one of the people who most overloads the application’s infrastructure, since his millions of fans from all over the world send him messages and letters almost daily. However, this platform only allows people to send messages of 1500 characters per letter, which becomes a problem for ARMYs who want to send much longer messages.

Given this problem, EnableSoft found a way to make money and promote themselves at the same time, since it will allow Jin fans and BTS fans to send unlimited messages from a subscription, or payments that fans will have to make for the platform. The technology company has decided to monopolize this type of communication between fans and artists who are enlisted in the South Korean army, all in order to obtain income and free advertising for the application “The Camp”.

And although the technology company may present problems, since mandatory military service is a very delicate issue, they prefer to face the risk, because the benefits may be greater than the demands that may be imposed on them in the future. All this can only be caused by a public figure Jin, who is currently one of the BTS members who receives the most letters and attention from his fans, who wish for his soon return to the stage.

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