The producers of Taylor Swift’s tour would have been negligent in the scandal of the death of a fan at concert

The concert tour that the artist Taylor Swift I had prepared in Brazil They have not started in the best way, after tragic news about them became known, however, it must be taken into account that nothing of what happened, such as the fainting of more than a thousand people at the concert, nor the death of a fan due to respiratory cardio it was the singer’s direct fault, but rather it was due to the abrupt climatic changes that the country presented.

However, it has now become known that the producers and those in charge of all this logistics were negligent by not responding in time or avoiding what happened. Although it is known that the temperatures in Rio de Janeirothe venue of the concert, and in all of Brazil they have not been the most suitable, since they have reached the astonishing figure of 60 degrees, apparently it could have been avoided, if they had acted quickly, and thus avoided the death of Ana Benavidesa 23-year-old girl who couldn’t stand the temperature of the place.

Through social networks it has been known that fans have tried to communicate with the producers of the event, T4FHowever, they have not gotten any type of response, so the anger and fury over the death of the young woman increases much more by not receiving a response.

For the moment, as well as family, friends, hundreds of followers, and Taylor Swift herself, we join in the unfortunate loss and hope that everything will be cleared up quickly to obtain the long-awaited justice.

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